Summer Recess 2017

Leaders For Kids is hosting its Fifth Annual Summer Recess event on Friday, July 7, 2017 on the SkyDeck rooftop at the Detroit Opera House.

Date: Friday, July 7, 2017 6PM-11PM

Location: Skydeck at the Detroit Opera House, 1526 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226

Tickets are available now at $125 Online, will increase to $150 at the Door. LIMITED Rooftop Capacity. This event will SELL OUT! General Admission includes premium open bar courtesy of Tito's Handmade Vodka, Blue Nectar Tequila, Six Saints Rum and Frankenmuth Brewery, strolling appetizers, and live entertainment provided by Kysia Live, DJ Prevu, and Jason Whitmore. Summer Chic Attire, 21+ event, RAIN or SHINE.

Sponsorships are still available! Click here to download the 2017 Sponsorship Deck for more info.

Funding Initiative: One hundred percent of proceeds from Summer Recess 2017 will benefit the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. This year’s initiative will support the Imagination Destinations program.

If you have ever had an MRI, you know that it can be a daunting procedure, even as an adult! You are forced inside a super small space, and directed not to move. You are not provided with anything to help distract your focus away from the reason you are having the test, which is likely adding to your anxiety.

Currently, 72% of children require sedation for MRI procedures, which leads to increased patient risk, heightened stress for both patient and parents, additional time for each test, and delay of testing for non-emergency MRIs.

Children’s Hospital of Michigan specialists are looking for ways to address the problem. Radiologists are focused on decreasing the length of the test. Child Life Specialists are looking for ways to explain the procedure at an age appropriate level. Distraction techniques were employed to help redirect a child’s focus away from the test. But the machine itself, however, is still very loud and scary looking.

The goal of the Imagination Destinations program is to transform the MRI room into more of a relaxing environment for the child, which helps to lessen their fear and anxiety by making the imaging procedure less intimidating. Each room wrap will camouflage the scanner and surrounding machinery with visually appealing, colorful imagery – think safaris, underwater escapes, jungles, outer space and more.

It is anticipated that by utilizing these strategies, the use of sedation can be reduced to 60% of patients, which would allow 2-3 additional exams to be performed each day. This means children who might have waited 3 weeks for a non-emergency MRI would now be seen within 72 hours!

100% of our event proceeds from Summer Recess 2017 will benefit the Imagination Destinations room wraps in either the main Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation campus in Detroit, or the new Children’s Hospital location in Troy.

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